Sharehouse for female students in Tokyo.
Safe, Clean and Convenient!

What’s “Soleil Waseda”? It's a female students only furnished sharehouse opened in 2016,
located in the Waseda neighborhood in Tokyo. We've had 29 students from 13 different countries join us so far.
Taiwan /Korea /Japan /England /USA /Thailand /France /Lithuania /Brunei /Mongolia /Scotland /Singapore /the Philippines


Safe and friendly
neighborhood Waseda


Property Features

What you need is
fully equipped



Clean and
Fully furnished





Room Plan

*For female students only
*Minimun stay: 5 months

★For more details please refer to "Move-in Process & FAQ"

Room Size Rent Type Status
201 5.5㎡ ¥55,000 Private Occupied
202 7.0㎡ ¥65,000 Private Available from August 31st, 2024
203 5.8㎡ ¥55,000 Private Occupied
204 6.2㎡ ¥60,000 Private Available
205 5.5㎡ ¥55,000 Private Occupied

● Deposit ¥50,000 (50% refundable)
● Utilities ¥12,000/month (Gas, water, wi-fi, electricity in common room all included)
● Electlicity fee of private room is calculated in the end of the month.
 (approx.¥1,000-¥2,000 depending on the usage)
● Fire insurance ¥7,000/year

★For more details please refer to "Move-in Process & FAQ"

Message from owner

こんにちは!なおこです。私は、早稲田で育ちました。ソレイユ早稲田があるこの地域は、最近では少なくなってきている“住民同士の繋がり”があり、下町情緒がまだ残っています。 ご近所の人たちは親切ですので、ここでは、“ただ住んでいる”だけではなく、“地域の一員”としてご近所の人たちと交流をもつことができ、日本の文化や習慣をより知ることができると思います。 また、 地域のお祭りやイベントにも参加できますので、 是非日本での暮らしを満喫してください。 ソレイユ(Soleil)はフランス語で“太陽”という意味です。 このシェアハウスが住む人にとって「居心地の良い陽だまりの場所」になってほしいとの思いから名前をつけました。

Hi, I am Naoko. Waseda is my hometown. This is a warm and friendly neighborhood where the neighbors greet each other. I think this is not just an opportunity for you to "live in Waseda", but also to become one of the neighbors and get deeply involved in the community. You can learn more about Japanese culture and custom which you would not be able to learn at school and from books by joining local festivals and events and from me as well! I love to talk with sharemates because it’s very fun to learn from them having different culture and background! Also it’s my pleasure to tell them Japanese culture and customs! In French, "Soleil" means the sun. The home is named as such, because of my dream to create an environment where all feel welcomed... a place where everyone can have their "place in the sun”. I’m looking forward to seeing you who would like to live in the modern area with “warmth”!


Sakura along the Kanda river
near house


First Kimono at Japanese garden
with neighbors,
Obah-chan & Oji-chan


Joined Festival!


Pounding rice cakes event
at shrine near house